Scott McCarthy
Hassocks and Victoria election candidate

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Waste Incinerator

A massive waste incinerator is planned for Goddards Green. Dealing with a potential 174 lorries fully of rubbish per day from as far away as London, the incinerator would spew out harmful gasses that would carry over Hassocks and Burgess Hill depending on the direction of the wind. Cancer, reproductive disorders, birth defects and neurological damages are just some of the heath disorders linked to the communities living near areas where incinerator emissions have accumulated. (Despite 16,000 letters of objection, the Conservative-led East Sussex County Council approved a smaller incinerator at Newhaven which is now fully operational and a true blot on the landscape). I am committed to fighting any such development at Goddards Green in order to protect the health of our community from potentially hazardous toxins.

Potholes are a huge problem on the roads of Mid Sussex, none more so than on Keymer Road, yet despite this undeniable fact the Conservative-led County Council refused to release an extra £5million to deal with issue. I will lobby for that money to be released so that driving a car in Mid Sussex becomes the leisurely pastime it should be as opposed to the rally driving experience it has become.

Youth Services
Youth services have been cut all over the county with the Beacon Centre, Park Centre and Burgess Hill Boys Club being particularly badly hit. Yet the County Council sits on millions of pounds in reserved funds. I want to see some of that money used to improve the services currently on offer so that the children of today can have the sort of great experiences I was offered when a youth service member back in the 00s.

Don't waste money on pointless videos

Each year the Council spends thousands of pounds on pointless videos for YouTube and it's own website that are watched by around 100 people. These include guides on how to wash your hands and the Council Chairman driving an electric car. In these times of austerity I'd like to see the money better spent on local services for local people rather than vanity projects.

Commuter Parking

Commuter parking is a massive problem around Hassocks Station. Controlled parking zones may be the answer to bringing this under control and if that is the case I want to ensure that residents receive free parking permits. People should not have to pay to park outside their own properties in what basically amounts to a stealth tax

Published by and for Scott McCarthy, Election Office: 152 Royal George Road, Burgess Hill, RH15 9SL.